Meet The Team


Liz Pinks Puts The LP into LPMR

Liz Pinks

Co-founder, Director

Hi, I'm Liz and co-founded LPMR with my partner, David. I've been in recruitment for 17 years and 12 of those specialising purely in marketing.

If you've spoken to me before, you'll probably have heard me say "everything happens for a reason". Even the tough times carry a "message in the madness". I'm one of the rare ones, in that I've always been in recruitment my whole career and I love it.

I'll be your main point of contact for both clients and candidates, whereas David works hard behind the scenes and says I take all the glory!

When I'm not working, I'm kept busy with my three daughters, trying new recipes and a few years ago I'd have said netball, the gym, running, obstacle course running like the Wolf Run and swimming. I will get back to it one day, honest.

If you’d like to get in touch with me about working together, please call me on

07478 687 074 or email me at


David Stinson

Co-founder, Lead Resourcer


Hi, I'm David, Liz's business (and life) partner. It was me that encouraged Liz to go for it back in May '18. She convinced me to join her in the business. Apparently I'm a natural (she'd tell me anything she would!)

She said I am great with people and we share the same values to do our best by all. She also thinks I have a sixth sense for reading everyone. Having a good sense for business and a keen eye for detail, our skills compliment each other really well.

I used to work as a Quantity Surveyor, so I have an impeccable attention to detail and quite a good head for business so Liz and I work well together – especially now I’m able to spot the mistakes in her job adverts

and emails....

In my spare time (if I actually get any) you will find me fishing, watching football and being a father to 3 kids.

If you’re looking for your next career move, would like support with your CV or general career advice, please get in touch with

me on 07378 315 910 or email me at