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At Liz Pinks Marketing Recruitment (LPMR) we believe that when job hunting, how you present and prepare yourself is essential. This can make all the difference in securing the right role. To help you with this, we have devised a set of workshops to get you, the candidate match fit ready to give that wow factor and make that next step in your career easier.


Workshops cover a range of topics through e-learning and live interview & feedback sessions that will improve your profile, job searching and interview skills.


Enquiry Call


  • Understanding how we can help you

  • Answer any queries surrounding course content

  • Explanation of the features and benefits of the workshops


1. Fact Finding Session


  • Fact finding to establish expectations

  • Q&A to understand of your circumstances and career direction

  • Realistic opportunity expectations for your experience in today’s market

  • Where we can provide guidance and add value to your career path


2. CV Workshop


  • How to create a CV that will catch the eye of recruiters and employers

  • CV guidance, thorough CV dissect and advice for the 'marketing' sector

  • Get employers to pick you for interview

  • Optimising all your personal

  • Consistent brand building across your entire profile


Resources provided

1) CV template

2) CV guide


3. LinkedIn workshop


  • Getting your LinkedIn profile working for you, i.e. being headhunted

  • Be the star candidate recruiters want

  • Get more meaningful connections

  • Follow the right companies and groups

  • Get interactive, make posts 
    & comments

  • Add endorsements and experience

  • Grow your network the right way

  • Match your LinkedIn profile to your CV

  • Get your LinkedIn settings right


Resources provided

1) LinkedIn guide


4. Job search guru


  • Why a positive mindset is important

  • Network to get leads
    or recommendations

  • How to track your opportunities

  • How to search for a job on and offline

  • How to make a speculative application

  • Be the star candidate recruiters want

  • General career advice, discussing previous job searches

  • Pros & Cons to job searching methods


Resources provided

1) Cover letter guide

2) Cover letter template


5. 1st Interview preparation


  • How to properly research a company that never fails to impress

  • How to prepare for a remote or 
    in-person interview

  • Specifics of what you need as
    an individual

  • What killer questions to ask

  • Revising your skills and suitability plus relevant achievements


Resources provided

1) First interview guide

2) Killer questions to ask


6. Mock interview

& feedback


  • Mock interview session with analysis of your performance

  • Typical interview questions as well as competency-based questions

  • What specifically you need to work on

  • If you have a specific interview coming up, this session can be tailored using the job description for the role


Resources provided

1) First interview guide

2) List of questions to ask


7. 2nd interview & presentations


  • How to prepare

  • How to approach a panel

  • How to handle being asked the same questions again from the first interview

  • Second interview presentation advice

  • I’ve already asked everything: what do I ask now?

  • What to say at the end

  • Negotiating offers

Resources provided

1) Presentation Guide


8. Salary negotiation &

the finish line


  • Counter offer conversations

  • Salary negotiation techniques

  • Resignation advice and template letter

  • How to settle into your new role/company

  • 5 Secrets – How to ensure you are the star candidate and employee throughout your career

  • Building a career portfolio

  • Relevant qualifications for you and your career, and how employers
    view them


Resources provided

1) Resignation letter template

2) 5 secrets no one tells you


Zoom review session


  • Answering any questions on an individual face-to-face basis

  • Clarification around anything that is role/industry specific

  • Further in-depth discussion on a
    one-to-one basis that suits your needs

  • Pep talk – confidence boost

  • Q&A surrounding any of the content covered in the workshops

  • The review session can be repeated throughout the workshops at any of the stages to suit you


Facebook support group


  • From course 2-8 we provide a closed Facebook group

  • Share questions, experiences and ideas with peers and LPMR

T&Cs apply

  1. Confidential closed group

  2. Helpful as possible, no rudeness or bad conduct tolerated

  3. If on the rare occasion someone is recruited as a result of this group, a fee is charged but at 50% reduction

  4. Please ask for a full set of T&Cs

How to order

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